Brazilian Caps’ fans traveled to D.C., but games were postponed

Pedro with his 7 years old son, João, in the airport (Photo: Facebook)

Pedro Tulio Rocha is a brazilian doctor who planned this trip with his 7 years old son João, who never saw snow before and wanted to watch to both Caps’ games this weekend against the Anaheim Ducks and Pittsburgh Penguins. But due to the snow storm, both games has been postponed. Fans are sharing their story by social medias for it to be seen by the Washington Capitals and people who works in the organization because they will be back to Brazil this monday (25/01).

Read the post that’s being seen in social medias:

“Hi Caps fans everywhere,

Once again I ask for your help

First of all, I don’t want to look selfish and I do understand that Storm Jonas is a very serious event and that it has affected the life of thousands if not millions of people in the DNV area, but here is my story:

I am huge Caps fan from Brazil since 93 when I lived in Minnesota (that was the year the Stars moved to Dallas, so I had to pick another team – and there were a couple guys named Bondra and Hunter that played pretty well back then), and my love for the Caps has been revamped recently by Ovie & company, and this has carried to my 7 year old son, who is absolutely mad for the Caps as well

So, back in June when the 2015-16 scheduled was released, I planned what would be the perfect trip for the both of us: January 22-26, including games against the Ducks and the bitter rivals Penguins. And if we were lucky, we would also be able to see some snow!

Well, let’s say that part of the plan worked out pretty well! Plenty of snow to see!

So here we are in DC, after 15 hours travelling and almost 5000 miles away from home, and we won’t be able to see neither one of the games. And what I am most sad about is that when I told him that the Ducks game was cancelled, he told me: “Its OK Dad, we will still be able to see the Caps crushing the Penguins!”. I haven’t broken the news about tomorrows game to him, and that is killing me

So what I ask of you is to spread my story around, share it, retweet it, email it and being the great organization that it is, maybe someone will read this and think of something nice that will make all this deception fade away.

Thank you very much and Lets Go Caps!”

So I ask please to help sharing their story to be seen in the social medias, so it can be seen by the Washington Capitals. Let’s Go, Caps!!!


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